Dog poo on the street

Dog poo; mind your step

Pffff, luckily you saw it just in time; dog shit on the street right in front of you.
If you had looked at your phone, you would have been right in the middle of it.
Another person who has walked their dog and 'forgot' is to clean up the dog poo. Too bad and not necessary. Cleaning up dog poo is normal. Just like throwing waste in the bin, disposing of dog poo should also be in the bin.

A nice solution is if a municipality decides to use the dog tax for dog waste bins. After placing poop bins with dog poo bags or dispensers with poo bags, it appears that the nuisance caused by dog poo is reduced by 75%.

It is even possible to purchase DepoDog Juniors through neighborhood participation and to refill the bags. This way you can solve a problem together and the dog poo disappears from the street.

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