Dog poo Bin DepoDog or dispenser DepoDog Junior?

50/5000 DepoDog or DepoDog Junior, we help you decide


DepoDog, dog poo bin with bags

DepoDog Junior, bag dispenser

Whether you want a dog poop container or a dispenser with poop bags depends entirely on where you want to place the product.

For example, do you have enough waste bins or is the dispenser being refilled by local residents from a neighborhood initiative; then we recommend the DepoDog Junior.
Even if emptying the dog waste bins is a problem for a cleaning trolley, only providing dog waste bags is sufficient, so the DepoDog Junior.

If there are not enough waste bins or you want to purchase a complete system and thus propagate the dog policy widely, consider installing a DepoDog. An additional advantage is that litter can of course also be thrown away in the DepoDog.

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