Dog signs

Signs with a happy message

The DepoDog logo has been used to convey the message to all dog owners; prohibited, leashed, cleaning up poo, dog toilet or loose-leash area.
The text reinforces the picture, but the foreign guest also understands very well what the intention is and what the rules of the dog policy are.

The friendly appearance of the signal boards ensures compliance with the rules and thus the dog policy is made clear in a nice and transparent manner.
If you would like a different text, please contact us. We like to think along with you.
Borden hondenpoep opruimen
Sign Cleaning up dog poo
Cleaning up dog poop is brought to the attention in a friendly manner. Combine this sign with a DepoDog Junior
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Hondentoilet verwijsbord
Sign Dog toilet
Sign Dog Toilet. The message is very clear, yet friendly.
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Verwijsbord honden aangelijnd
Sign Dogs Leashed
Sign Dogs Leashed, convey the message kindly and clearly. A positive result.
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Losloopgebied Honden verwijsbord
Sign Dogs Run Free
A clear and friendly sign; run free for dogs. If necessary, the dog poo can remain. DepoDog also offers dispensers with dog poop bags.
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Verbodsbord honden
Sign No Dogs Allowed
An annoying announcement in a friendly way; a sign No Dogs Allowed. Clear and friendly. In this way, the message is nicely conveyed and followed up. Handy for a playground.
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