DepoDog, that's how it started

In the early 1990s, Jan Willem Helms went on vacation and saw a product that was not yet available in the Netherlands; the dog poo bin.
Back in the Netherlands, he investigated the possibilities of placing dog waste bins here as well. The dog poo was everywhere, but was there enough capacity to clean up the poo neatly here too? And municipalities wanted to use the dog tax to place, empty and refill the products.
Would it work?

He started importing the dog waste bin but was not completely satisfied with the quality of it. Bags came out difficult, technology left to be desired.
Together with various municipalities and (now) our regular producer, he developed a dog waste bin that passed the quality requirements; DepoDog.

But not only the dog poo bin had to comply, the dog poo bags are of course just as important; not too thin, opaque, extra thick / strong etc.
The first congregation was enthusiastic. And more congregations followed. And fortunately also dog owners who certainly wanted to clean up the dog poo if the municipality was willing to supply poop bags.

We are now years later and various products have been added; DepoDog Junior, DepoMat, DepoDog Small, referral boards, etc. But all relate to solving the dog poo problem.

We are happy to share our many years of experience with you. Maybe you work at a municipality, you have a campsite, you are a dog owner or you are very annoyed about the dog poo on your doorstep.
Please contact us. We think along with you and are happy to offer you our knowledge without obligation.

Thanks for cleaning up the dog poo,

on behalf of all your neighbors
Team DepoDog

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