DepoDog Junior XL, 600 dog poop bags

(Item no.: 6200)

That's handy; the DepoDog Junior XL is a bag dispenser that can hold up to 600 dog waste bags. Handy for municipalities and recreation parks where there are many dog ​​owners.


The Junior XL is supplied in any color you wish. By default, the colors are light green or English green.


The Junior XL is made of 2mm Sendzimir galvanized steel.

Dog poop bags

The DepoDog Junior XL uses block packs of dog poop bags. No fewer than 600 bags fit in a dispenser and you can refill with bags in the meantime, you don't have to wait until the Junior is empty. Because so many bags fit in the Junior XL, you don't have to refill much. This will save you time and money.

DepoDog Junior XL confirmation

The XL is delivered including 2 stainless steel U-profile post / tube brackets. For example, the Junior XL is very easy to attach to a lamppost or traffic bollard.
If desired, separate posts with a self-adjusting base are also available.


  • Incl. Key
  • Incl. Imprint
  • Incl. U profiles
  • In every color
  • Space for 600 dog poop bags!
  • Sendzimir galvanized 2mm thick
  • 57cm H x 25cm W x 9cm D.
  • Option: Fireworks cover
  • Option: Adapter Bammens Capitole
  • Option: Post with self-adjusting base

Delivered within 5 working days after ordering.

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