Dog waste bag dispenser

Dog poo bag dispenser

The DepoDog poop bag dispenser offers every passer-by a DepoDog dog poop bag.
We recommend hanging the dispenser on a traffic bollard or lamppost. Preferably at eye level so that children cannot take out bags.

But we also sell separate posts with a self-adjusting base if you do not have a mounting post at the desired location.
The DepoDog bag dispenser is made of very thick material and is virtually vandal-proof. You can choose the color or print yourself. We have light green or dark green in stock as standard. So delivery within 3 working days!
The poop bags that can be used in the Junior are of course of the quality of DepoDog; extra thick and with handles. Whatever you hang the dispenser on, we ad You can hang the dispenser on a lamppost or traffic bollard.
Beugel Bammens dispenser
Adapter for attaching DepoDog Junior to Bammens Capitole waste bin
A handy robust adapter for mounting DepoDog Junior on the Bammens Capitole on the Bammens Capitole
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DepoDog Junior lichtgroen
DepoDog Junior Dispenser
A compact dispenser that fits 400 dog waste bags. For places where there are waste bins but no poop bags are offered yet. Very easy to attach to lamppost or traffic
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DepoDog Junior XL
DepoDog Junior XL, 600 dog poop bags
An extra large yet compact dispenser that can hold 600 dog waste bags. Especially for those places where many dog owners use the dog poop bags.
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DepoDog Wood, unieke houten hondenpoepzakjesdispenser
DepoDog Wood, the wooden dispenser for dog poop bags.
Special, a wooden dispenser that fits 400 dog poop bags. This looks very nice in the parks and forests where dog poo has to be cleaned up. Easy to attach to a tree or pole.
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