Dog policy in your municipality

A number of considerations are important when drawing up the dog policy;
1. What is the current policy?
2. What's the need?
3. What is the budget?
4. Implementation and enforcement?


Current dog policy

Sometimes the APV contains a brief article about leashing dogs and cleaning up dog poo. And in case of failure to clean up, a fine is often issued. Yet this is quite difficult to check because dog poo usually does not have a name. And now putting a BOA behind every tree is going to be an expensive affair.
That is why it is a better rule for the dog owner to bring at least 2 dog waste bags with him. And if there are enough trash cans, the dog owner often cleans up the dog poo.

What do you want?

Here a simple answer seems possible; the need is a dog-poo-free municipality and dogs are prohibited in the playground.
But a dog also needs a free run area, so these are very important within your municipality. Together with the dog owners in your municipality, you can make an inventory of where the dogs should be free-roaming areas and where the dogs should be leashed.

The duty to clean up the dog poo can apply to the entire municipality (this is the most convenient) or only apply in the areas where the dogs are on a leash.

And how do you want the dog poop to be cleaned up? As a municipality, do you offer solutions for this, such as a dog waste bin for example the DepoDog or a poop bag dispenser such as the DepoDog Junior? Are there enough waste bins in your municipality?

Dog policy costs

And who will pay for this? Is there a dog tax in your municipality? And is it also set up as a target tax? Do you provide one-time dog waste bags? Maybe you offer a voucher? Or is only the dog policy drawn up and do the dog owners have to provide dog waste bags themselves?
Our experience is that in that case most dog owners are less likely to clean up the dog poo, especially when dog tax is also levied.

Implementation, enforcement of dog policy

And then you have drawn up a dog policy, where will you place the DepoDog and / or the DepoDog Junior? It might be an idea to involve neighbors in refilling the dog poop bags, think of neighborhood participation.
And how do you communicate with the dog owners or rather, all the people in your municipality? Do you regularly post articles with the rules in your municipality in the local newspaper or on the website? And when a new dog is registered in your municipality, are those rules sent with, for example, a few dog poop bags?

Are you dizzy now?

No problem, we are happy to help you draw up the dog policy. We have been advising various municipalities for years on the start or revision of the dog policy and we do this without any obligation.
Contact us, together we make your municipality dog ​​poo-free

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