DepoDog Durable

Sustainability DepoDog

This is how a beautiful product is also made beautiful!

Our product stands in the environment and is for the environment. And that is why we find sustainability very important not only in the development but also in the use of our products.

Our dog waste bins and dispensers

All our dog waste bins and dispensers are made of sendzimir galvanized steel.
The finish consists of a two-layer powder coating. This method guarantees long-term protection against rust in outdoor use. This keeps the replacement of the bins to a minimum.

To change parts

Does something need to be replaced, no problem. Each part can be replaced separately.
No unnecessary costs for you and no unnecessary burden on our environment.
Our products are made in the Netherlands and delivered to our customers directly from the factory. No unnecessary kilometers through various European countries.

Sheltered Employment that is our choice

What few customers know is that our bins and dispensers are produced by a Sheltered Employment. In addition to employees with an this indication, the company offers workplaces for everyone at a distance from the labor market.
This is in no way apparent from the quality of our products.
On the contrary.

Recreation, camping or marina?